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Here is what is in this required course. 

We spend the majority of our waking hours at work and we all want to be free from unwelcome, uncomfortable conduct. #NotInMyWorkplace: Sexual Harassment Training  is a course designed to address the modern issues we face as employers and employees doing business in California.   

This interactive webinar will educate and engage viewers regarding the fundamentals of what sexual harassment is and is not, what conduct is acceptable at work, how to report unwelcome behavior and how to change the culture of the workplace. 

This training and contains 4 Modules. The first 3 modules apply to All Employees. Module 4 is for Managers and Supervisors .

Module 1:      

  • The Legal Definition of Harassment
  • Types of Harassment
  • Who Can Be a Harasser

Module 2:      

  • Questions of Gender Based Harassment
  • Intent
  • Dating and Privacy At Work
  • Social Media and Harassment
  • Offsite Conduct

Module 3:        

  • What You Can Do If Harassed
  • Consequences of Harassment
  • How to Address Supervisor Harassment
  • Bystander Obligations

Module 4:      

  • Individual Liability and Damages 
  • Why Employees Do Not Report 
  • Having Policy Discussions to Change the Culture 
  • Modeling Good Behavior 
  • Workplace Investigation Obligations 
  • Retaliation 
  • Gender Expression/Identity Training      

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